I'm Bankruptcy Attorney Karrie Southern,

and my staff and I understand that life happens to good people and often causes good people to fall into debt. We use the power of bankruptcy to provide practical, effective debt relief solutions.

We care about our clients and are dedicated to going the extra mile to help them get back to a better life. Best of all, we’re equally committed to delivering our services in a convenient way.

You can stop harassing creditor calls, wage garnishments, car repossessions, home foreclosures, and other debt related stress. Whether you have gradually fallen into debt and you’re just not able to get ahead or you’re in a serious financial freefall, we’re here to help you land safely.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer
Who Understands Life Happens

Life definitely has ups and downs, and when life happens, often bills and debt happen too. It would be impossible to name all of the unfortunate life events that cause financial stress, but a few common debt causing culprits include medical problems, job loss, layoffs, unexpected expenses, cost of living exceeding wages, and the unpredictable perfect storm of bad events that happen close together.

You may have a serious situation, such as a wage garnishment that’s causing a daily struggle to make ends meet, or you may just need a fresh start to finally get ahead. The good news is that bankruptcy can be a practical and effective solution in many situations. Whatever your situation is and no matter what has caused it, we understand that no one plans to have financial difficulties. Life happens and debt is often caused by circumstances that are beyond your control.

Providing Effective Debt Relief
Excellent Client Care

Karrie Mae Southern Law Office is a full service bankruptcy office that specializes in providing effective debt relief solutions while providing exceptional client care.

Although the practice of bankruptcy is an everyday occurrence for us, we understand that it isn’t an everyday occurrence for you, and that’s why we go the extra mile to put your mind at ease.

We’ll listen to you, discuss your financial challenges, and make a plan that’s right for you. Equally important, you can always count on us to return your calls and emails in a timely manner.

Don’t Hesitate, Get Help Now!

At Karrie Mae Southern Law Office we encourage you to learn about your options, so you can do what’s best for you and your family.

Take control of your financial future. Let your debt, debt-related stress, and other debt-related aggravations, such as harassing creditor calls, wage garnishments, car repossessions, home foreclosures, and arguments over money, fade into peace of mind.

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