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Affordable Bankruptcy Prices

Chapter 7 $675 standard flat attorney rate with payment plan*

Chapter 13 $600 up front with payment plan*

*Bonus: At no cost, we will prepare and file an application with the court to pay filing fees in payments after your case is filed. We know it’s difficult to pay attorney fees and court fees before your case is filed, and this service makes getting your case filed as easy as possible.

Payment Plan Benefits

- The first payment due date can be scheduled out as far as 30 days AND there is no penalty to pay the remaining balance in full at anytime, which allows you to take your time making affordable payments but also allows for the flexibility to pay off early if you need to speed things along.

- We begin working on your case while you're in your payment plan and are available to answer any questions related to your case.

- You may refer harassing creditor calls to us as soon as your first payment has been made.

We don't just say we care affordable payment options
are just one of the many ways we show it

Payment Plan Options

Chapter 7 $675.00

    6 Payments of $112.50 Payable:
  • Bi-Weekly
No penalty for early pay-off

Chapter 13 $600.00

    6 Payments of $100.00 Payable:
  • Bi-Weekly
No penalty for early pay-off

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Extras At No Additional Cost (for chapters 7 and 13) - We'll prepare and file an application to defer your court costs to make the cost of filing even more affordable, allowing you to get your fresh start even faster. - There's no additional fee for joint cases, so your spouse can get a fresh start too for the same affordable cost. - We'll provide free one on one assistance with acquiring any documents needed for your case. - We’ll pull your credit report to save you time in determining who should be included in your bankruptcy. - Free review & advice on any reaffirmation agreements submitted by your creditors.

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